Why Work From Om® Yoga?

  • Conference room, desk-side, or traditional sequences available
  • No mats or change of clothes required
  • Cost-saving subscriptions and packages available
  • Focus on common ailments affecting office workers
  • Inventive exercises to accommodate spaces big and small  
  • Venue and studio partnerships to meet your offsite needs
  • Certified, experienced yoga teachers

The thoughtful motions of yoga, meditation and guided breathing techniques are invaluable tools for the modern workplace. Our workplace wellness yoga classes are designed to moderate reactions to and perceptions of stress, significantly improve mood and raise levels of productivity, focus and creativity. The physical benefits of a regular yoga practice are well-documented to reduce stress and improve overall health, and even lower absenteeism, increase engagement, and reduce healthcare costs at the organizational level.


Healthy employees are generally
happier, more productive and more likely to contribute to a successful, collaborative work environment.

"Yoga with Work From Om®
was instrumental in developing
a powerful connection to a
wonderful group of individuals
and a spirituality I forgot I had."

- Brendan, Ares Capital Management