The physical benefits of a regular yoga practice are well-documented to reduce stress and improve overall health, and even lower absenteeism, increase engagement, and reduce healthcare costs at the organizational level. Healthy employees are generally happier, more productive and more likely to contribute to a successful, collaborative work environment.

Signature Yoga

Work From Om®’s yoga classes are designed to provide a friendly, encouraging and supportive space to learn, grow and enjoy the many benefits of yoga. Emphasizing breathing, body awareness and alignment, our sessions prepare beginners to start their yoga journey while enabling attendees with prior experience to challenge themselves appropriately. Your employees simply roll out their mat as we bring yoga to your office.

Stretch & Refresh

Move with ease, clear your head and find your flow with this office-friendly program designed to stretch the body and the mind. In a conference room, or desk side, the session begins with a simple but powerful sequence of chair-yoga and standing stretching to bring awareness and relief to the physical effects of tension and stress. Then, participants are led through a breath-based mindfulness meditation for a sense of clarity and calm. No mats, no change of clothing, no sweat!

Why Work From Om® Yoga?

Sessions scheduled for your preferred time

Cost-saving subscriptions and packages available

Focus on common ailments affecting office workers

Inventive exercises to accommodate spaces big and small

Venue and studio partnerships to meet your offsite needs

Certified, experienced yoga teachers

Yoga with Work From Om®was instrumental in developinga powerful connection to awonderful group of individualsand a spirituality I forgot I had.
— Brendan, Ares Capital Management