Say hello to aha!-moments with our high-value workshops, which are as educational as they are experiential. From breath awareness to ergonomics to digital diets, we'll teach your team how to be healthier, happier and higher functioning just by bringing a little om to the office.


De-Stress At Your Desk

Work From Om®’s most popular workshop, De-stress At Your Desk, Is a great introduction to mindfulness, meditation and body awareness as stress-management tools for busy professionals.

Mindfulness In An Age of Distraction

This fascinating workshop challenges attendees to acknowledge negative habits related to technology use and intervene mindfully.


Intro to Mindfulness & Breathing Meditation

This workshop introduces mindfulness as an invaluable practice that can be developed, sharpened and mastered over time using breath-based meditation techniques.

Mindful Movement, Ergonomics & Posture

This refreshing workshop examines how our bodies respond to stress, from tension holding patterns to repetitive interactions with everyday office objects, furniture and devices.


Or, let us customize a yoga, meditation, or mindfulness workshop just for you!

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