Mental clarity, reduced stress and improved decision-making are just a few of the many benefits of mindfulness and meditation. In work settings, this translates to sharper minds, calmer bodies, and professionals who can make decisions and act from a place of balance and heightened awareness.

Signature Guided Meditation

Work From Om® provides a foundation on which participants can build a personal mindfulness-based meditation practice. Our certified and experienced teachers make meditation approachable, accessible and enjoyable and leave time for Q&A following every session. Work From Om® meditation guides are trained and experienced in popular stress-relief techniques including mindfulness meditation, reflective and intention meditation, compassion and gratitude meditation, breathing meditation and body scan meditation. With regular sessions, participants are empowered to build a personal meditation practice that can be accessed any time, anywhere. 

Why Work From Om® Meditation?

Sessions scheduled for your preferred time

Cost-saving subscriptions and packages available

Meditation programs are designed for a workplace setting

Venue and studio partnerships to meet your offsite needs

Certified, experienced meditation guides

When I do an hour of yoga and meditation with Work From Om® my output soars. I become so much more focused because I’m not stressed that I can zero in on what’s important to me and my business.
— Josh, DHA Capital