• Research-backed training on the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace
  • Guided meditations and actionable techniques to establish intention and maintain focus
  • Mind, body and breath awareness tools for stress intervention
  • Deskside yoga exercises and demos to address common physical ailments of office workers
  • Habit development techniques to promote sustainable workplace wellness and healthy office dynamics
  • Takeaway handouts for employees 
  • Single session, weekly, monthly or quarterly program options

A valuable addition to any wellness initiative, our workshop structure is mindfully designed to cover the building blocks for developing a happier, healthier, higher functioning workplace. All Work From Om® programs are built to promote mental sharpness and stability, more strategic thinking, better decision-making, physical health and wellness and, ultimately, a more engaged and successful workplace.  

"Choosing Work From Om® for our corporate event was a great decision. Not only did employees really appreciate the session, but they also felt equipped with valuable tools to take back to the office and their every day lives." 

- Carrie, Korn Ferry