Work From Om® yoga, meditation and mindfulness-based stress-management workshops are an excellent addition to any workplace wellness initiative, corporate event or perks program. Contact us today for more information including availability, pricing and packages.

De-Stress At Your Desk

Introduces employees to mindfulness and breathing meditation, yoga, ergonomics and habit-development techniques that are accessible at and away from the office.

Intro to Mindfulness & Breathing Meditation

Provides a foundation to mindfulness, meditation and breath-work as lifestyle tools that enable us to live and work as our most authentic and successful selves.

Stress Management: A Mindful Approach

Examines how paying attention to even the simplest parts of our everyday environment can teach us how to respond thoughtfully and constructively to stress.

Mindfulness in the Age of Distraction

Looks at our interactions with technology and offers alternatives to minimize stress, increase productivity and free us from screen dependency and information overload.

Custom Workshop

Whether your employees are accountants who need a mental break or software engineers in need of desk-body tuneup, Work From Om® will address your organization's specific needs with an engaging and effective program.

Yoga & Ergonomics Posture Clinic

Addresses the body's optimal alignment in seated and standing postures and teaches participants how to keep their bodies in tune at and away from the office.