4 Yoga Props You Can Keep Under Your Desk and Use at the Office (NYC, we're talkin' to you!)

No time for yoga? Nonsense! That excuse is as tired as your lower back after a day of crunching numbers at the office. In fact, you may be surprised at how much mind-body work you can fit in between your emails, calls, meetings, and coffee runs. Every moment offers an opportunity to check in with the body and the breath, and with these handy props it’s never been easier to make yourself at om right at the office.

Check out the 4 yoga props that you can keep under your desk - without losing precious legroom!


1. YOGO Mat is the tiny but mighty eco-friendly commuter mat that no urban yogi should leave home without.

  • The YOGO mat can be folded in to the size of a newspaper using integrated straps. Unfold your YOGO Mat and it turns into a full-size mat, making it easy to stow in your carry-all or gym bag.
  • YOGO mat stays grounded to the floor - so when you practice those impressive backbends your yoga mat won’t be mimicking you!
  • Cleaning your mat is the best part of yoga ... said no one ever! Good news: the top of the YOGO mat never touches the bottom so it stays cleaner than traditional rolling mats. You can clean your YOGO mat by rinsing it in the shower and hang it to dry using the integrated strap - talk about efficient!
  • Did we mention that the YOGO mat was made of biodegradable natural rubber, and recyclable straps and buckles? Because it is!

2. Dharma Yoga Wheel is the perfect yoga prop to help stretch and relax those kinks from sitting at your desk for uncountable hours.  

  • The Dharma Yoga Wheel opens the entire back and shoulders, without forcing you to bend it like Beckham. The beauty of the Dharma Yoga Wheel is that to reap its benefits all you have to do is relax!

  • It aligns the spine, relaxes muscles, expands the chest, and stretches the hip flexors and quadriceps - Dharma take the wheel!

  • Available in several sizes for individuals at various stages of practice and supports up to 270 lbs.

3. Infinity Strap makes the traditional yoga strap look like an antique!

  • Ever hit yourself with your own piece of equipment? (this girl here definitely have been shamed a time or two by my own yoga prop!) The infinity strap is rid of all plastic or metal hardware so you won’t hurt your hands and feet when you try to stretch and strengthen those sore muscles.

  • With its unique design it also deepens the poses and helps you keep alignments. The infinity twist makes it easy to form a safe, secure and comfortable grip by following the natural lines of the body

  • The simplistic design of the infinity strap eliminates unnecessary straps and makes storing under or inside your desk a breeze

4. The Band - Venice Fit Co: Turns out, you can take it with you! The band by Venice Fit Co. can be taken on the go to help stretch those tired muscles any time, any where. Best part?  No storage required - this awesome prop doubles as a funky accessory!  

  • Countless hours at your desk resulting in joints cracking loud enough to scare your coworkers? Yikes, that’s loud! Take off your favorite accessory - The Band - and get a quick and easy full-body stretch that won’t make your office mates cringe!

  • Adjust the band by wrapping it around your wrist or ankle as needed, allowing more or less slack to intensify or soften the stretch.

  • Like other, less-fashionable resistance bands, this one also offers more than just a stretch. Adjust the band to tighten and work in some reps while stuck on that obligatory conference call.  The beauty of the band … when you’re finished with your routine, just put your accessory back on!

  • BONUS! Use code "yoga" for 10% off your Venice Fit Co. Band

Alright Hustlers of NYC! I’m going get up from this desk, grab these office yoga props and stretch these muscles … you should too!